Emotion vs. Logic: An American Tale

We humans are locked in an ever growing battle of emotion vs. logic, of instinct vs. calculation. One exacerbated, manipulated and stretched as we work to understand our world’s intricacies and harness technology beyond our means. This battle has many layers: the one within ourselves, another within our communities, and a layer that includes ourContinue reading “Emotion vs. Logic: An American Tale”

How to learn the Essential Elements of Life

Join our Finding Fusion Programs to learn about the Essential Elements of Life. What are they? Click below to learn more. Need more information? Watch our videos on Stepping Stones, Understanding one’s self and Exploring our world or head on over to our “What we Provide” page.

Culture Matters.

Culture matters.Ignoring culture is why we have failed multiple times overseas(Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan….).Ignoring culture is why our race relations are poor,the reason there is a class divide, and why we just cannot seem to get along.Why we have lost our way and why we are disconnected from one another. Culture provides a template for ourContinue reading “Culture Matters.”

Exploring our World

The final set of the Essential Elements of Life. An interpersonal look at the world, focusing on creating harmonious relationships. Understanding Unity, Collaborating with our Community, and Surviving Society – concepts and teachings we need to connect with the world around us.

The Compassion Conundrum

Maybe you have experienced this before: You are in charge of a child (whether your own or someone else’s the experience is mostly the same) and while in your charge the little one falls and scrapes their knee, bumps their head, or has some other dust up that causes them pain. It’s a caregivers dilemmaContinue reading “The Compassion Conundrum”

Why create the Elements of Life?

Because deep inside, many of us desire to be better humans, but we do not quite know how… Because we have wished on the moon, tried so many different things, and while we feel better for a little while, it doesn’t quite stick… Because our hearts and our minds are telling lies to each other,Continue reading “Why create the Elements of Life?”