Exploring our World

All of us need guidance to reach our fullest potential. Our classes help students find their path towards harmony, bring about change both without and within, and gain a deeper understanding of the world.

Uncover your path with ‘Stepping Stones’, decide your Vision through ‘Understanding Ourselves’ and discover deeper connections by ‘Exploring our World’.

Our world has become a mess of confusion, uncertainty and chaos. Each day we grow more connected by technology yet we are forgetting how to connect to each other. Our classes help untangle this mess and provide best practices for navigating our current environment.

Exploring our World

Understanding Unity ©

We all need connection, even more so today.

A relationship with a partner who understands you, accepts you and allows you to grow is something that many people yearn for. Something we expect to find, and something we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to understand.

But more of us are single today than ever, and we seem to go through the same issues repeatedly in a never ending cycle of frustration, sadness and pain.

In this class we will dissect these ideas and the emotions that accompany them. We will talk about historical ideals and concepts that provide unrealistic expectations for our current day interactions. Together we will examine power and energy and their effect on our relationships. Uncover the gaps and learn the concepts behind the creation of fulfilling harmonious relationships. 


Collaborating with our Community ©

Relationships and the feeling of belonging do not only revolve around having a romantic partner. We also have a community around us, whether small or large, that affects how we interact with life.

Our first tribe is our birth family, an integral part of helping us find the right path. Other tribes we attach to consist of our friends, schoolmates, our coworkers/the company we work for, and the groups that we bond with over similar interests. Each of these are a circle of comfort that we build for ourselves, places we feel safe.

But what happens when we disagree with others within them or cannot fit into the box that we or others have created for ourselves; what happens when we change, and what happens when we grow?

These events can cause fissures that seem insurmountable.

We need to learn ways to bridge these divides and expand our comfort zone; find ways to bring our communities back into balance. Have the conversations that we are afraid of, discuss those bottlenecks that cause our emotions to be blocked from one another. This class gives you the ability to do that: learn the underlying reasons, the tools we were never taught, and the skills to move forward gracefully and in harmony. 


Surviving Society

Each of us is a conglomeration of multiple layers. Our existence is composed of our nature, our nurture, our culture, our psyche, our emotional capacity, our religious beliefs, our feelings, attitudes and ideas about our existence on this earth. Multiply that by billions and it is easy to see why we are struggling to not only connect, but to exist with each other.

When our population grows it needs to readjust, stretch, change and reconstruct. This can feel uncomfortable and cause a lot of stress and frustrations for everyone. We can decide to fix this, but we first have to dissect the sticky points, the reasons for how we got here and then learn the necessary tools to create a new future. This session builds upon our learning from “Creating our Culture” adding depth and nuance to group dynamics. Hard work, but totally worth it, that we guarantee. 


Essential Elements of Life © 2023 – Maven Source International