Empathic Insight Sessions

Are you feeling burdened or overwhelmed with different aspects of your life?

Do you know what you SHOULD do, but just cannot seem to get the focus TO DO it? Or maybe even HOW?

Would it help to talk it out and gain some clarity on an issue weighing your down?

Sometimes we just need a safe place to unpack our issues, let go of our emotions and receive gentle guidance to clarify our path forward. Then we can focus on what is in front of us and which Essential Elements may be the cause of our stress.

My strength is in helping others get in touch with and release their emotions so they can achieve clarity on their life issues. This helps me to provide a gentle nudge in the direction of finding the possibilities to move forward.

I have helped countless people with issues both large and small, beautiful humans who simply needed someone to be empathetic in order to get themselves back on track. I know how hard life can be and how much it can mean to have someone there, listening with kindness in a non-judgmental way.

I also understand that many of our issues and stressors, once understood, can be unwound with an understanding of the different Essential Elements of life. In these sessions we will unpack which area may need focus and start you on your journey forward to more balance and peace.

Our empathic insight sessions provide all of this and more. If you could benefit from our sessions please schedule an initial deep dive so we can get better acquainted and set the right course together.

Photo by Andres Ayrton on Pexels.com
Examining Expectations

Our session includes:

  • A deep dive analysis session that allows for the client to explore their issues and the emotions associated. Each session will be unique but may include gentle guidance, reassessment strategies and/or activity suggestions for additional healing.
  • Includes guidance about which Essential Elements are necessary to help move forward, which program may work best, and what areas to focus on to build resilience.
  • Session runs 45 min – 1 hr.

Contact us at e2ol@mavensourceinternational.com for questions

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*While I am a highly capable and experienced in Empathic healing and insight, I am not a licensed therapist. Please see my Disclaimer page for more information.