Getting Started

Choose your Adventure

Begin as an Explorer, grow to an Crusader, become a Pioneer

Student GroupingDescription
ExplorerOne who is seeking their path. May have familiarity with concepts, but desires to attain a deeper understanding. The goal for our Explorers is to uncover their path and to start their journey.  
CrusaderOur Crusaders may already have strong beliefs, and a deep understanding of what makes them tick as well as what changes they want to introduce to the world. They will seek to broaden their understanding in order to “be the change” they wish to see (and implement) within our world. Our team provides them the tools and coaching to bring their well-intentioned ideas to life.
*Must take core competencies prior to signing up for an Crusader path
PioneerPioneers seek not only their own path, but also want to extend assistance to others. This group is comprised of Explorers making great progress, Crusaders looking to branch out and grow, or leaders looking to gain the skills needed to assist their fellow travelers find their own path to harmony.
*group workshops are available to focus on a specific group or purpose. Contact us for assessment and options