Understanding Ourselves

All of us need guidance to reach our fullest potential. Our classes help students find their path towards harmony, bring about change both without and within, and gain a deeper understanding of the world.

Uncover your path with ‘Stepping Stones’, decide your Vision through ‘Understanding Ourselves’ and discover deeper connections by ‘Exploring our World’.

Our Understanding Ourselves curriculum allows a safe space to delve into the deepest parts of our souls. Providing a template for carefully uncovering the baggage we have held onto for so long and assist in creating a path towards healing and fulfillment.

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Searching our Soul ©

In order to build anything you must first understand the parts that make the whole.

This is ever more true when we are talking about our own souls. We are made of so many layers, each one telling a different story of who we are, but many times they remain hidden even to ourselves. If we allow these parts to stay hidden we cannot fully realize a fulfilling life.

In this class we carefully pull back these layers, discussing ways to identify, cope and calm whatever it is we find. Every part of our soul deserves to be seen and every piece of us matters. Come and learn how to define what has been getting in the way, how to unpack your soul, and create an inner environment of peace and tranquility.


Creating our Culture ©

Culture. A buzzword that means different things to different people. A concept that seems fluffy while at the same time eliciting fear.

Fun Fact: Each of us, no matter how “normal” we think we are, has a Culture. If you live in a place where most people think alike, act alike and even look alike, this may seem like a strange idea, but I promise you it’s true. Culture is powerful, it’s a template that shows us how to live life. When so many different ways to “live life” interact without help….well, we get to what it looks like today.

Our current society is hurting because we have not come together to redefine our new shared culture, and instead allow those in power to use our differences to divide us. But, we have the ability to change this. It doesn’t have to be this way and we have an idea of how to move forward. We invite you to explore this topic, what it means at the highest levels, what it means for you and how best to wield this new understanding to bring our society closer to harmony. Let’s combat culture shock together, discuss ways to expand our comfort zones, and build a brighter path for our future.


Pinpointing our Purpose ©

How many times have you been asked in your lifetime “What do you want to be when you grow up?” If you detested that question, or are upset because you still don’t have an answer, this session is for you.

Come find out what purpose is all about, the pros and cons, the history, the tradeoffs. Decipher a way to get on the path to find whatever is most right for you. Each of us has talents, each of us has desires, this Essential Element helps us define those ideas and compile them together to find the best way forward. Discover what makes you tick and how best to use it. 

Find your Path to Fulfillment

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