Find Balance & Create Peace

Stop swirling in the chaos and regain balance in life.

The Essential Elements of Life helps Explorers find their balance and create peace within themselves and their communities.

Do you experience any of the following in your current life? 

There is a way to break free and take back control. If you are suffering from any of the above, you may need to find your Rhythm. Many of our ills in life come from not understanding our emotional rhythm or how to flow with it. Our emotional plane touches everything we know: our physical world, our spiritual selves, and our intellectual mind. When our emotional rhythm is not flowing with our surroundings we enhance our pain and suffering. But by understanding our unique frequency we can regain our balance and create harmony within our environment.

Defining Rhythm

Our Rhythm is our unique frequency that vibrates out into the Universe and creates our existence. Life is created by the reverberations of those frequencies. The harmony (or disharmony) of these reverberations create our Rhythm. Essentially, our Rhythm is our personal connection to the world. 

This course takes you through 9 different lessons providing insight into each Essential Element to help dismantle the confusion, fear, and uncertainty around these “sticky points” of life. A combination of classwork and self-reflection exercises these lessons, tips, suggestions, insights, and activities help strengthen each Explorer’s understanding of their natural rhythm, their balanced goals, and steps to move further down the path to self-realization. By the end, each Explorer will not only feel more comfortable and confident about themselves, but also about how best to help create harmony within their communities. 

What happens when you take this program?

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the main areas of human struggle in today’s society
  • Gather insight and clarity on one’s natural “rhythm” to create the most beneficial environment for you
  • Learn to create a “haven of happiness” for you and your community

What will we cover?

This is an individual walk through the Essential Elements of Life so we will cover all ten of the concepts or “sticky points” throughout the duration of the program.

Ready to Find Balance and Create Peace in your life?

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