Stepping Stones

All of us need guidance to reach our fullest potential. Our classes help students find their path towards harmony, bring about change both without and within, and gain a deeper understanding of the world.

Uncover your path with ‘Stepping Stones’, decide your Vision through ‘Understanding Ourselves’ and discover deeper connections by ‘Exploring our World’.

The first steps on the pathway to Harmony and Balance. Our Stepping Stones help the mind to release, reset and reconstruct our toolkit for navigating our world.

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Stepping Stones

Co-existing with Change ©

Overwhelmed. Grief. Depression. Sadness. Anxious. Frustrated. Lost.

These may be some of the emotions you don’t want to admit you are experiencing. Perhaps you feel the ground below you won’t stop shifting.

Or you think you will never feel “normal” again.

We have grown accustomed to hearing “the only constant is change”. While true, this provides a level of disregard for the effects that change brings to our lives. Rarely is this followed up with advice on how to handle change or even an understanding of why it is so necessary in our daily lives. Most of the time we are told to “suck it up” or to “deal with it”. How can we “deal with it” when no one talks about how?

While it is one of the most basic Elements of Life, change can still feel scary, and with good reason. Change levels and quakes and shakes things up, it brings us back to the center. Without change there would be no growth and we would be unable to become who our soul wants to be. But dealing with the aches and pains of it, making it a smoother ride, are concepts still largely elusive in today’s society. 

This essential element will help to provide the necessary information, context, and guidance to co-exist with change. Through our Finding Fusion programs our Explorers will learn what change is all about, how change affects us, why it can be so difficult to deal with, and how to incorporate it into your life instead of fighting it.


Examining Expectations ©

Are you struggling with pressures you can feel, but can’t put your finger on them? Do you get upset with yourself for not “doing something right”? Feel like everyone else is doing better than you are? You are not alone in these thoughts. We all suffer from an overwhelming tidal wave of expectations, with more eyes judging us than any other time in history. These judgements, whether self-imposed or from external sources, can make life feel like a game you cannot win.

Not all expectations are equal, and with this Essential Element we will uncover the differences between realistic and unrealistic expectations: How to identify them, understand their source and the emotions that fuel them. Work with us to uncover which of these pressures are suffocating your life, learn how to cope and reset and how to flourish either without them or in spite of them.


Deliberating Decisions ©

This important Element of Life has gotten exacerbated and stretched over time. One one hand our lives have become so busy and we filter so much information daily that we are constantly making decisions. However, many of these decisions are distractions, and unnecessarily cloud our lives so that we are often not left with enough energy or time to concentrate on the decisions that are most important – things like our life direction. This leaves much to chance and leaves us hoping for the best.

In this session, together we will uncover the pitfalls and barriers to making the important decisions in our life, understand how to take the first steps on pushing those distractions out of your life and provide you tools to help you make the decisions that count. 


Embracing Emotions ©

Being human is hard. And our current environment is making it even more difficult to live at our highest and best. Distractions and dishonesty are high, empathy and compassion are at deep, deep lows. Our emotional capacity has been stretched, twisted, and singed so often that we would rather hide it away than deal with the pain.

Our current life of constant change and surface level honesty leaves us with few tools with which to assess, understand and manage the emotions that have risen so close to our skin in this over-stressed environment.

We invite you to a safe place where you can unpack all of these feelings and understand why things have gotten out of control. This element will help explain the inner psyche of humanity, the connection between emotions and society, and how to identify and utilize your emotions for the benefit of yourself and those around you.


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