Our Why

The Elements of Life are the building blocks of humanity, those smallest parts that each of us need to find fulfillment in life. Compiled from history but translated for the present, each piece helps to fill in the gaps and show the connections that we may have missed during the many transitions throughout our lives.

Discover (and re-discover in some instances) the foundational connections of humanity, attain a renewed sense of community and an ever deepening understanding of our world.

Each of the Elements of Life is contained within our five paths meant to span different perspectives across our species. Are you a Perceptive Professional, a Pragmatic Parent, a Savvy Student, a Dynamic Duo or a Conscientious Citizen? Take a look at our paths on our Courses Page to find out more.

Our Mission

Provide a path to finding Harmony and Balance.

Reduce Stress. Define Happiness. Give back Power. Uncover Fulfillment.

Be the best humans we can be.

Our History

Initially offered in Beta form in 2020, the Elements of Life© have been crafted using a deep level of Design Thinking built upon years of research, experiments, stories and life experiences from the author, her close confidantes, family, and friends across the globe. This curriculum stemmed from a desire to help provide a “how-to” for navigating our most overwhelming issues. While much of the content has been written in the context of the American experience we believe many of these concepts cross boundaries all over the world. Our overall focus is helping as much of our global populations as possible to discover and achieve their unique idea of fulfilment; thereby bringing our world back into balance.

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