Healing Programs & Services


For Individuals
  • Find Balance & Create Peace – Individual workshops to increase your self-healing power. Focus on the areas that are missing from your unique rhythm.
  • Empathic Insight Sessions – Bring clarity and gently unravel what is holding you back from incorporating the Essential Elements into your life
Group Style Classes
  • Stepping Stones Retreats – (Virtual) Deep dive into the cornerstones of the Essential Elements of Life over a four month period and take control of your future
  • *Coming Soon* (2024) – Onsite Stepping Stones Retreats – Three day onsite retreats focused on infusing the Stepping Stones into our daily practice of life.
  • *Coming in Fall 2024 – Onsite Advanced Elements Retreats – Choose a track (either Understanding One’s self or Exploring our World) and continue your journey with the Essential Elements of Life

“Jessica is a very compassionate realist. Being able to enhance the happiness and peace in my life with my own dedication and the help of Jessica is an amazing opportunity I was afforded.” -J.E (New Jersey)

Each of us has a unique frequency that vibrates out into the Universe and our life is created by the reverberations of those frequencies.

The harmony (or disharmony) of these reverberations create our Rhythm. Essentially, our Rhythm is our personal connection to the world.

What we Offer

Find Balance & Create Peace

Rolling Start options available

And individual walk through of the Essential Elements of Life.

Includes insight on the most essential human struggles and offers tips, best practices, insights, and activities to strengthen your self-healing power.

Join our newest offering and gain a deep understanding of how the Essential Elements of Life can add balance to your life.

What happens when you take this program?

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the main areas of human struggle in today’s society
  • Gather insight and clarity on one’s natural “rhythm” to create the most beneficial environment for you
  • Learn to create a “haven of happiness” for you and your community

Three different goals: 

  • Resiliency Activated
    • Strengthen your resiliency to Change
    • Banish & Dispell harmful distractions & expectations
    • Untangle any challenge to clearly see the path forward
  • A quiet(er) mind
    • Learn to navigate the ocean of emotions
    • Touch base with your past for gentle healing
    • Create your Respite Zone for renewal
  • Rhythm Balanced
    • Vision crafting with purposeful intent
    • Culture Creation to remove ambiguity
    • Control or create your unique relationship with the universe

3-4 month program/2-3 hours per week

Empathic Insight Sessions

Sometimes we just need a safe place to unpack our issues, let go of our emotions and receive gentle guidance to clarify our path forward. Our empathic insight sessions provide that and more. Our session includes:

  • A deep dive analysis session that allows for the client to explore their issues and the emotions associated. Each session will be unique but may include gentle guidance, reassessment strategies and/or activity suggestions for additional healing.
  • Includes guidance about which Essential Elements are necessary to help move forward, which program may work best, and what areas to focus on to build resilience.
  • Session runs 45 min – 1 hr

Stepping Stones Retreat (Virtual)

Courses start October 2023 or March 2024

Each of us has a part to play in the universe’s symphony, but stress, misunderstanding, pain, and hurt can cause our instruments to play out of tune. Living a life out of tune leaves us feeling empty, disconnected, and lost. But there is hope.

Excelling at the Essential Elements of Life removes the dissonance from our lives and provides a path to harmony. We CAN create balance, live our purpose, uncover our gifts and create a harmonious environment. If not now, when?

4-month programs formulated for multiple learning styles that help you absorb the first four Essential Elements of Life:

  • Coexisting with Change – Discover the pitfalls, gotchas, and best practices for moving yourself and others through life’s tricky transitions
  • Examining Expectations – Realize, rationalize and re-frame the expectations that dominate our life
  • Embracing Emotions – A safe place to understand, unpack, identify, and process the emotions that help the world go round
  • Deliberate Decisions – Break down barriers, roadblocks, and stop signs that block us from making life’s important decisions

Stepping Stones Retreat (Onsite)

Registration coming soon!

To be held Spring & Fall 2024

Unsure which is right for you? Let us help you decide.

“After just one session you understood me better than I could have imagined.”

SZ, Indiana

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