About the Author

Deeply emotional but logically sound I have spent my life pursuing a thorough understanding of the human element. Now ready to share what I have learned, I bravely wade through this technological world in search of those seeking something more.

Let’s connect and see how best I can help you find harmony!

My Focus is

Your Experience

Each of us has a unique outlook on life that needs to be guided & cared for.

True fulfillment can help our species experience true community. This is why the Essential Elements of life were created, to bring the necessary lessons for living in fulfillment and harmony to as many people as possible around the globe.

My “why” or the thing that brings me meaning and uses all of my potential, is helping people see the connections they have missed and learn how to bridge the gaps to lead them further down their path towards individual fulfillment and a life of balance. I look forward to connecting with you and learning the best way I can assist you in becoming everything you can be.

My Superpowers

Creating an environment of trust and understanding

Goal attainment & planning

Connecting the dots

Change Management & tranistions

Vulnerability and Kindness

Emotional Intelligence

Helping people “sit in their sh*t”

Feedback and Compliments

Past Accomplishments

  • BBA in International Business 2004
  • Masters of Intercultural Relations 2015
  • PMP certified since 2016
  • Change management specialist since 2021
  • Change and Culture initiatives 2018 & 2019
  • Mentoring and Language Coaching since 2008
  • Reiki certified since 2015

Trust Building Assets

World Traveler
(2007 – Present)
As long as I can remember, I have longed to travel the world and started doing so in 2007. My first trip was the biggest – heading to Japan to teach English for a year. Living in Japan was one of the best choices I have made and Japan will always be my “second home”. Since that trip I have gotten to know many different countries on Earth: France, England, India, Ghana, China, Mexico, etc. and have had the pleasure of meeting, working and getting to know people from those countries and more. I am humbled and blessed to say I have friends and colleagues from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Canada and Mexico. This adds a richness to my life that is indescribable, both from a personal and a professional perspective.

Astute Anthropologist
(2000 – Present)
A people watcher, emotional analyst and world observer for decades I have added to my education in a holistic sense with a degree in international business, a project management professional certification, and a masters in Intercultural Relations. My specialties are change management, team building, culture creation and human understanding.

Conflict Manager
(1985 – Present)
Navigating the tricky waters of negotiation, conflict resolution and bringing groups into harmony has been a life’s work since my parents divorce at age 7. Deep knowledge of both Intra & Interpersonal understanding of conflict resolution.

Substitute Mother

(1994 – Present)

I must admit, I am unable to birth a human child of my own, but I have experienced every bit of motherhood possible outside of that experience. Whether it was parenting my siblings from a young age, helping to raise my beautiful step-children, living vicariously through my friends, or raising, birthing, and losing baby animals, I have felt the pain, the love, the confusion of motherhood many times. I will never say I “know”, but I will say I can empathize.

Emotionally sensitive (Empath)

(1981 – Present)

Adept in the study of Emotional Intelligence, Passive Aggressive Communication, Interpersonal & Intercultural communication

Well skilled at creating a judgement free environment, a place where all students can feel free to share, learn and thrive.

References available upon request

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