You are not alone.

It won’t be enough, but please know I hear you and you are not alone.

I hear you even when your tears rush silently down your cheeks.

I hear you when you ask “why me? why us?” when you feel overwhelmed at the unfairness and grief.

I hear when you act strong for others even though you are crumbling inside.

I feel when your soul aches for hope, aches for rest and aches for calm.

I feel you when your heart sinks at the thought of taking one more step.

I feel you when you just want to give up because it is all too much.

Please know your journey matters. Your journey is powerful. Your journey is true.

Please know you are loved. Please know you are cherished. Please take one more breath, try one more day, and please reach out for help.

Feel not like a burden when asking for help, you may instead be another’s wish. For each of us wishes to care, to help, and to provide love. Humans are meant to live a collective experience, and we all have our part to play. We will be there when you need, as you need, how you need. All you must do is ask.

The nature of change that brings our pain also helps the pain (eventually) subside. Even the winter must recede to allow Spring to have its time. So is the truth of our lives, meant to be filled with times of joy and times of grief. A small bit of solace, I must admit, but a day will come where once again a smile will be found on your lips and peace will once again grow in your heart.

If ever you need we will be there, for you are not alone.


Sending love, light, and comfort to all who can see this. Sincerely, Jessica

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