Pragmatic Parent

Strengthen the fibers of your family quilt; create a bond that lives for generations

We all have dreams. Dreams of being the “perfect” parent or having the “perfect” child, but this often feels like an elusive goal. It is extremely difficult to walk the balance between advocate, caretaker, psychologist, teacher, disciplinarian, friend and guide. Any day can make us feel like the worst parent ever, wondering what we did to create the situation (or worse yet the child) we see before us.

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of guidance, combined with the missing information, to help us find peace and create the family we were always meant to have. Every once in awhile each of us needs a helping hand, a listening ear and astute advice to craft a solid plan and determine our trajectory. This is what we offer.



Learn the reasons behind family issues, how best to mend them and how to create a shared family culture that will last lifetimes.

Questions we will discuss:

How to deal with the worries of the “new” world?

How do we keep our family ties strong in an ever more disconnected world?

Why do we struggle at times to be the parent we always wanted to be?

Concerned that your child may not be on the “right” path for their success?

How on earth to keep up with an ever changing world that our kids may understand more fluidly than we can?

Learn to:

Co-Exist with Change, Examine Expectations, Deliberate Decisions, Embrace Emotions, Search their Soul, and Create a shared Culture of love and fulfillment.

Learn to Survive and Thrive in today’s society with a combination of these Elements of Life and proactively plan an existence of peace, comfort, balance and harmony.

Case Studies

Surviving stress

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Combating Disconnection

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Let us help you find your path.