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Conscientious Citizens

Fusion : the process of “joining two or more things together to form a single entity” exactly what we need right now.

Thrown into a new world, but missing parts of the old, we need to create a bridge that helps us succeed in both realms.

Excelling at the Essential Elements of Life can create this bridge and solidify our path to fulfillment. We CAN create balance, live our purpose, uncover our gifts and create a harmonious environment. If not now, when?

Find your perspective and Choose your Adventure below

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E2OL for the Perceptive Professional

Registration available June 2021

  • Reclaim the Dreams of your past
  • Triumph over Change and Fear
  • Uncover what you are meant to become
  • Create a plan for Success

E2OL for the Pragmatic Parent

Registration available June 2021

Classes starts September 2021

  • Discover the parent you were always meant to be
  • Embrace the transitions of life
  • Guide your Child on a path of Success
  • Create the space your Family needs to Thrive

E2OL for the Dynamic Duo

*Note* Single Registrants ARE allowed. Couple status is not required.

Registration available June 2021

Classes starts September 2021

  • Translate what’s within, bring to life the partner you were always meant to be
  • Find comfort & release fear, create an environment of harmony with your partner
  • Discover inner strength and balance the energy within your relationship
  • Banish the limits of your expectations, create a culture of fulfillment for everyone involved

E2OL for the Savvy Student

Registration available September 2021

Classes starts February 2022

  • Learn how to manifest your Dreams into Reality
  • Investigate the inner connections of Life
  • Create Certainty & gain Control of your Future
  • Move forward with Intent

E2OL for the Conscientious Citizen

  • Discover the hidden connections of our Society and our World
  • Determine the right path for YOU, what you STAND for and who you are
  • Navigate the tricky waters of Change and decide how best to move forward

Registration available September 2021

Classes starts February 2022

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