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Conscientious Citizens

Harmony: the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.

Each of us has a part to play in the universe’s symphony, but stress, misunderstanding, pain and hurt can cause our instruments to play out of tune. Living a life out of tune leaves us feeling empty, disconnected and lost. But there is hope.

Excelling at the Essential Elements of Life removes the dissonance from our lives and provides a path to harmony. We CAN create balance, live our purpose, uncover our gifts and create a harmonious environment. If not now, when?

Find your perspective and Choose your Adventure below

Choose your Adventure:

Which Perspective fits most with how you see the world?

E2OL for the Perceptive Professional

Registration available for next semester

  • Reclaim the Dreams of your past
  • Triumph over Change and Fear
  • Uncover what you are meant to become
  • Create a plan for Success

E2OL for the Pragmatic Parent

Registration available for next semester

Classes starts February 2022

  • Discover the parent you were always meant to be
  • Embrace the transitions of life
  • Guide your Child on a path of Success
  • Create the space your Family needs to Thrive

E2OL for the Dynamic Duo

*Note* Single Registrants ARE allowed. Couple status is not required.

Registration available for next semester

Classes starts February 2022

  • Translate what’s within, bring to life the partner you were always meant to be
  • Find comfort & release fear, create an environment of harmony with your partner
  • Discover inner strength and balance the energy within your relationship
  • Banish the limits of your expectations, create a culture of fulfillment for everyone involved

E2OL for the Savvy Student

Registration available for next semester

Classes starts February 2022

  • Learn how to manifest your Dreams into Reality
  • Investigate the inner connections of Life
  • Create Certainty & gain Control of your Future
  • Move forward with Intent

E2OL for the Conscientious Citizen

  • Discover the hidden connections of our Society and our World
  • Determine the right path for YOU, what you STAND for and who you are
  • Navigate the tricky waters of Change and decide how best to move forward

Registration available April 2022

Classes starts September 2022

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