Find Balance & Create Peace

Schedule and Agenda

“Life is a balance between holding on and letting go” – Rumi

Welcome to the beginning

Join this deep dive into the Essential Elements and find balance and the ability to create peace.

(Meant for individual learners and/or connected groups up to 4)


Introduction – Rolling Start options in January, April, August – schedules determined with students after registration

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the main areas of human struggle in today’s society
  • Gather insight and clarity on one’s natural “rhythm” to create the most beneficial environment for you
  • Learn to create a “haven of happiness” for you and your community

Sample Schedule

Month One

  • Coexisting with Change – uncover your change relationship and the traditional blockades that hold up our rhythm
  • Examining Expectations – Define the umbrella of expectations we live beneath and how to reframe and reset
  • Embracing Emotions – Define the feelings that we try to escape and understand the inner workings of our psyche
  • Deliberating Decisions – Banish distractions, uncover the “stuckness”, and move forward with purpose

Month Two

  • Searching our Soul – Listen to the inner soul and recraft its connection to the world
  • Creating our Culture – Find the source, the why, and choose the NOW
  • Pinpointing our Purpose – Attributes, heroes, and visions are discussed and defined

Month Three

  • Understanding Unity – relationships uncovered. Let’s take it up a notch and work with two rhythms at the same time.
  • Collaborating with Community – Creating harmony with multiple rhythms. Crafting a symphony where individuals feel while creating beautiful music together.
  • Surviving Society – putting the pieces together in today’s environment. Creating a plan to keep resilient and balanced.

*Two Reschedule weeks will be scheduled in case of unforeseen emergencies