Why create the Elements of Life?

Because deep inside, many of us desire to be better humans, but we do not quite know how…

Because we have wished on the moon, tried so many different things, and while we feel better for a little while, it doesn’t quite stick…

Because our hearts and our minds are telling lies to each other, and our souls are suffering for it…

Because we are overwhelmed with surface-level distractions, consistently pushed through the same old system leaving a level of muck that weighs heavy on us each day. Unresolved issues growing larger and deeper with each generation. Problems that reach back through history and seem unsolvable.

Over the centuries, people or groups in power, or strong and certain believers have tried to provide different templates for humans to use as an example of a “good life” : religious, political, commercial, spiritual, motivational, etc.

Each framework provides some of the answers, but often lead back to a similar agenda: To keep us living within the current status quo.

We can reject this way of thinking if only we have a few key ingredients:

*A courageous heart

*An individualized map. One that provides the information you need to walk the path right for you

*A guide. One who has studied, experimented, succeeded and failed. Someone to help you find your answers by sharing tools, information, anecdotes and best practices. Most of all, someone to listen.

That is why the Elements of Life© were created: to create a community of Explorers who reach the summit and find their way.

We will only find unity when each of us feel worthy and wanted

We will only feel worthy and wanted if we understand our meaning

We will only understand our meaning if we are guided towards the light

No matter where you start as an Explorer, our classes will provide you a deep level of insight into our ten basic elements of humanity and assist you in uncovering your path to harmony. These elements are what help us to reconcile with the confounding, overwhelming obviousness of life and create a solid core on which to build a fulfilling existence.

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