Things we can BELIEVE

Belief: a state or habit of mind in which trust, or confidence is placed in some person or thing. Below are some of the main tenets of the Essential Elements of Life – common sense ideas and concepts necessary for living a fulfilling life. What are your opinions on the truths that are below?

Coexisting with Change

We MUST discover and enhance our relationship with Change, or we will forever be anxious or depressed.

We can work to remove the belief that one cannot change or manage change with ease.

Examining Expectations

Expectations will happen no matter what, but should be managed carefully. Standards are helpful, but held too tightly aways cause pain.

Finding the source of expectations helps to provide a place to decide whether to live them, reject them, or correct them.

Belief in unrealistic expectations causes grief that often leaks into one’s identity.

Deliberating Decisions

Decisions will make themselves if you let them, but often when it is too late and not in one’s favor. It’s best to give time and thought to a decision to correctly set one’s sail. Our souls know the decisions we need to make, it’s up to us to listen as all of our answers lie within. Make decisions that help your purpose manifest.

Embracing Emotions

It doesn’t matter how one feels about emotions, they are not going away and therefore must be understood. We CAN find ways to diffuse, process, and release emotions effectively. Coping mechanisms help, but realize used too much can become addictions themselves, so moderation is key. Use them wisely to continue forward on your journey. Empathic Healing sessions can help.

Searching One’s Soul

Be Curious: It’s the only way to start the cycle of knowing oneself. Curiosity about the world turns to understanding others, thereby clearing a path to understand oneself.

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, it just helped it transition from one type of life to another.

Creating Culture

Culture is a fancy way for defining what we feel is “normal”. Normal is different all around the world, and even inside the bounds of nations.

Defining one’s own culture helps us find our place in the world. Being curious about others culture helps create communal bonds. Understanding “Why” helps people create a space of trust and that can help society prosper.

Pinpointing Purpose

Humans are fallible so focus not on creating heroes, but on emulation of the attributes that made them heroes in the first place.

All visions do not have to manifest, or even happen exactly as planned, but we never get anywhere without first having one.

Understanding Unity

A rhythmic balance of yin and yang energy full of respect, sacrifice, and love creates the tightest unions. Tiny secrets don’t hurt either, stay spicy.

Collaborating with Community

A thriving community is created by a balance of personal responsibility and collectivity. Groups will form boundaries based upon shared cultures, but they should be more like the division between water and air than made of bricks and stones.

What do YOU believe?

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