Scaling Maslow’s Hierarchy – America’s fatigue

America is exhausted. Not just exhausted, but overwhelmed with fatigue. This isn’t something new. We have been tired for one reason or another for decades, but the issue has only grown exponentially in the past few years and has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Many books have been written about how we need more sleep (thinkContinue reading “Scaling Maslow’s Hierarchy – America’s fatigue”

Scaling Maslow’s Hierarchy – America’s Divorce

I know divorce. It was a concept introduced to me at age six, when my young parents succumbed to their desires for more and decided to dissolve their marriage. The most destructive event in all of our lives, it threatened to destroy not only our family, but each of us involved either by choice orContinue reading “Scaling Maslow’s Hierarchy – America’s Divorce”