Improve mental health by Finding Balance & Creating Peace

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What could you do with more focus and less stress?

Do you experience any of the following in your current life? 

There is a way to break free and take back control. If you are suffering from any of the above, you may need to find your Rhythm. Many of our mental ills come from not understanding our rhythm or how to flow with it. 

Our Rhythm is our unique frequency that vibrates out into the Universe and creates our existence. Life is created by the reverberations of those frequencies. The harmony (or disharmony) of these reverberations create our Rhythm. Essentially, our Rhythm is our personal connection to the world. 

This course takes you through 9 different lessons (one per week) providing tips, suggestions, insights, and activities to strengthen your self-healing power and improve your mental health. By the end, you will have a better understanding of your Rhythm and what fits within your symphony. 

What happens when you take this program?

  • Inner strength is cultivated
  • Clarity & focus is restored
  • Forgiveness & Gratitude is given space
  • Courage and energy is enhanced


Anyone that wants to improve their mental health. This course is gentle enough for beginners but provides enough in-depth work for those already familiar with mental health healing
Lessons from the sessions will be available as recorded podcasts to listen to at your leisure. Secondary sessions each week will be available as well to allow for flexibility.
Your guide, Jessica, can be reached at and will answer questions within one business day.
Each student is responsible for attending the course, reading the material, doing the activities and sharing their experience.

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