Finding Fusion in our New World – Elements of Life for the Pragmatic Parent

Worried about how your family will thrive in our new world?

Struggle at times to be the parent you always wanted to be?

Concerned that your child may not be on the “right” path for their success?

And just as important for today: How on earth are we supposed to keep up with the ever changing fads or know what is now “woke”? Whatever happened to just saying “cool”?

If you relate with any of these questions, this course is for you.

We all have dreams. Dreams of being the “perfect” parent or having the “perfect” child, but this often feels like an elusive goal. It is extremely difficult to walk the balance between advocate, caretaker, psychologist, teacher, disciplinarian, friend and guide. Any day can make us feel like the worst parent ever, wondering what we did to create the situation (or worse yet the child) we see before us.

Our world has sped up, changes coming faster than ever before, adding to the already overwhelming demands of daily life. This makes it difficult for both parents and children to create a healthy and happy existence.

Sometimes all it takes is a bit of guidance, combined with the missing information, to help us find peace and create the family we were always meant to have. Every once in awhile each of us needs a helping hand, a listening ear and astute advice to craft a solid plan and determine our trajectory.

This is why the Elements of Life came to be. A combination of psychology, history, culture, religion, art and science showcasing a “best in practice” set of theories from across multiple disciplines, these basic building blocks of Humanity help each Explorer uncover their path to achieving success and fulfillment.

Working with our fulfillment consultants, Our Pragmatic Parents will learn to:

Co-Exist with Change – get to the bottom of why changes are feared; how to navigate the transitions of parenthood and childhood, understand the themes behind our ever changing world that help our children get the most out of life

Examine Expectations – Banish the unrealistic expectations that have prevented us and our children from being the best we can be

Deliberate Decisions – Remove the distractions; Clarify the questions; Determine the tradeoffs and make the right decisions to move you forward

Embrace Emotions – Vanquish our fear and uncover the beauty of emotions that assist us in finding real fulfillment. Examine the emotions that cause our pain and frustration when creating our family and redirect them into a culture of content.

Search their Soul- Uncover what really fuels your soul and what kind of parent we were meant to be

Creating our Culture – strengthen the fibers of your family quilt creating a bond that lives for generations

With a touch of Collaborating with our Community & Surviving Society these eight Elements of Life provide a way towards peace, comfort, balance and harmony.

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