Finding Fusion in our New World – Elements of Life for the Dynamic Duo

Enrolled: 20 students
Duration: Four Months
Level: Beginner

We all need Love and to feel like we belong. We need affection, attention, and someone to believe we “matter”. The best way to fulfill these needs is to create a relationship with someone for whom you truly care. But this means we are not only receiving, but also giving just as much back. Compromise and sacrifice are the name of the game, but in today’s world these concepts are difficult to deal with.

Finding our binary star, our soul mate, our “other half”, is difficult enough. We need to first understand ourselves, what makes us tick, in order to find our compliment. Then, once we find someone, then the real work starts. What does it mean to be committed? Why do we fear this concept so much? How have the spousal roles changed over time and what balance of power does it take to create a loving fulfilling relationship for each member? How do we grow together, but still grow independently? What do relationships mean to YOU?

If you relate with any of these concepts or questions, this course is for you.




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